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Recent clashes taking place at the Andheri Escorts Escort service has raised many questions over the safety of these kinds of jobs. Call girls in Andheri Escorts Delhi seem to have forgotten the idea of peace and are often being seen in altercations with the nearby prostitute centre. According to them, the prostitutes are taking away their clients by offering themselves at a cheaper price. The main cause of escort prostitute clash is the rift created when one of the parties refuses to abide by the rules of the others. The prostitutes in Andheri Escorts though ugly have attracted a lot of men doing menial work in the city.

Independent Andheri Escorts Escorts draws the benefit

In the clash between the escorts and the prostitutes at Andheri Escorts, independent Andheri Escorts escorts have been benefitted immensely. This is because the Andheri Escorts independent escorts are not associated with any escort agency and work according to their own whims and fancies. Therefore, they have not been targeted by the prostitutes or from their agency based counterparts. They have refused to have any say on the matter for they feel that there must be a balance maintained for peace to sustain. The have clarified that they would not get involved in this fist fight and would only offer their services like they used to to interested customers. It is one good sight that we get to see amidst all the violence in Andheri Escorts.

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Casualties for Andheri Escorts escorts

According to the agency many Andheri Escorts escorts have been wounded in the fight that broke out a few days ago regarding the rift. They were dragged down on the road and were given a serious beating by the local goons who have always supported the prostitutes of the area. The main reason behind this support is that the goons are associated by blood with the prostitutes as they hail from the same families. The female escorts Andheri Escorts Delhi have lodged an FIR with the local police and the case is being investigated upon. If everything goes according to plans the police will reduce the tension drastically in the next few days.

Demand by Escorts in Andheri Escorts Delhi

The escorts in Andheri Escorts Delhi have demanded fair judgment and justice on the case. They have threatened the police to start a road blockage in case the outcome of the case is in favor of the prostitutes and are pretty serious with their promises. We can only hope for a good judgment in the coming days.

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